PureChee天然諾麗果餅乾 寵愛狗狗最好的選擇!

健康低負擔 95%以上全為有機原物料






The CEO of PureChee, Henry, has a dog named Lala. Lala was in a very poor health. Her fur kept on falling, she had a lack of energy, Henry took her to see numerous veterinarians, but none of them was for certain what went wrong, and her conditions were getting worse.  Just as he felt really helpless, and disappointed, it occurred to him “why not give Lala some of the Noni nutrients”.  Henry has been taking Noni for quite some time. So he started putting Noni into Lala's diet, and gradually things started to change, Lala started to get better! That's how Henry came up with the idea of making Noni biscuits for dogs. Our California Noni biscuits are delicious with health benefits too.


The best thing about PureChee Noni biscuits is it's made edible for both human and pets. Our biscuit is made of organic Noni fruit, coconut oil, organic flax-seed oil, organic oats, and all sorts of natural ingredients. We took advise from nutritionists to choose non-soya, low allergen ingredients that are non-genetically modified. Right now, we are applying for the USDA organic certifications, we hope 95% of the ingredients that we use will be USDA organic certified, and we will follow the USDA standard procedures strictly to make our products. We want our products to be healthy for both human and pets.


PureChee wants the best for your dogs. While your dog is enjoying the food, it's also eating in all good healthy ingredients its body needs.


PureChee hopes to bring a lot more natural alternatives for your pets.  Apart from products for dogs, we will also develop a series of products for cats, and other pets. Hoping to bring wholesome organically healthy products into your pet's lives.